Friday, May 8, 2009

Be the Change: Take a Child to Church#1

This one comes courtesy of my good friend Tee Barnes who I think really had it right. Every Sunday, she rounds up a group of kids - some of them she knows and some from her neighborhood- and takes them to church. Simple.

I remember being a kid and going to church with my grandmother. It was just what we did. I loved getting dressed up because it made me think I had business to do or that I was doing something very important. Often times, church was the place I ate breakfast and because my Sunday school class was small I could get some special one on one time from my teacher.

Children need to see adults standing for something they believe in. It helps them to know what integrity, conviction, pride and discipline look like. These are the kind of traits that make a community strong. When a person has integrity, pride, conviction and discipline they have what it takes to make change happen.

Change happens in small- BIG ways. You don't have to overdo it to make a tremendous impact on community.

BE THE CHANGE: Take a child to church (every week if you can)!

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